Dying Light is to Die For

Chaz Conaway, Staff Writer

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Dying light is a great first person free roam zombie horror game. There is so much blood and gore with such great graphics that it draws you in. In this game you are an undercover GRE (global relief effort) agent, Kyle Crane, working to aid scientists and help many other people in the quarantined city called Harran before the government bombs it.

Once you get through the introduction where you learn the controls of the game, you are able to do side missions or main missions in the order you please. This game has a really good movement system. In this game you mainly free run or, do parkour, most of the time. This comes in handy a lot. You can be surrounded and then just run off of a car, jump on a roof, and then onto the next obstacle course of undead.

The movement system in this game is phenomenal. When you are walking on a high ledge you get this sense of realism. The sound of the wind makes you think its going to be hard to stand still. It feels so fluid to jump from building to building, killing zombies, throwing firecrackers to distract the crowd you are running from. It feels amazing when you have great sound, display and feel in a game. This game really gave me a next generation console feel.

You have three areas that you can level up. There is power, agility, and survivor. When the level for one of these things increases, you can use the point it gives you to gain a certain skill that falls into that category. For example, when you level up power, you can use your point to gain a skill to do a certain button combination that allows you to throw your melee weapon at zombies. All of the perks that you can get gives you as the player more control of your character, increasing the great feel of the movement in the game.

If you play online, sometimes people will randomly join your game and you can kill hordes of zombies with them. One moment you will have to sneak around zombies because you cannot kill them all alone, the next you have a squad of high skilled zombie slayers by your side to help you work your way through the city. I was playing once and some random guy gave me a lot of free stuff just because he did not want it.This can illustrate the random experiences one might have in this game.

Survival is key in this game. It is necessary to pick up any junk that you can find in houses or on the ground, and even on the zombies. You can even pick up flowers and mushrooms. Pieces of junk that you find can help you make an upgrade for a weapon that makes your weapon electrocute zombies. You also need to make health kits and lock picks, basically essentials to survive in the zombie apocalypse.

Dying light has a surreal feeling of really being in the zombie apocalypse. There are so many zombies to fight, its unreal to try to kill them all alone. Teaming up with friends to kill zombies is extremely fun, and they can supply you with necessary equipment. This game honestly reminds me of a newer and better version of Dead Island.