iOS 8 Releases Wednesday

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Apple will release the companies most recent software update – iOS 8 –this Wednesday, just a week after being introduced at the “Big Event” last Tuesday . There are many new perks to this version of iOS. These features vary every aspect of your Apple products, making a more fluid experience.

Touch ID was first released with the iPhone 5s. Users were able to put their fingers on the home button to unlock their phones easily without a passcode, and make purchases on iTunes. Now they will be able to use touch ID with all other apps. This makes passwords irrelevant.

New keyboard technology was also added. The keyboard now applies a new contextually appropriate process. This means that there should be way less auto-correct errors. This also means that the words that you are given by auto-correct should be somewhat related to the context of your message.

There are also new features in the messages. You can instantly send pictures and videos of course, but now you can send location and voice instantly.

Spotlight is also being added to the operating system. Spotlight is basically a search bar, but it does more. Instead of just searching in one area, like your phone, or the internet, it uses all apps and the internet to give you a more concise, and relevant answer. This is something that I feel will be extremely helpful on a daily basis.

I think that this new version of iOS will definitely have superiority over any other phones operating system.