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Campus magazine to showcase student, staff talent


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Thanks to the ambitious, enterprising spirit of Christine Harringtom, Lufkin High School will soon be honored to have its very own Literary and Art Magazine.

Harrington, one of the newest additions to the Lufkin High School staff, believed “there was a need” for the magazine, and so applied her skills to making it a reality.

“I had done one for many years on another campus and I decided to bring that knowledge with me,” Harrington stated.  “I have the knowledge so why not? Lets use it!”

Such a monumentous task, however, could not be successfully executed alone. Harrington credits Allison Hillis, head of Lufkin’s English department, Patricia White, the activities coordinator, and Mrs. Slayton, the curriculum and instruction principal, with providing invaluable assistance toward the planning and organization of the magazine, ensuring they “do everything in the right way.”

The magazine will be highly inclusive, featuring a diverse variety of content.

“We will take just about anything,” Harrington stated. “Whether its a sculpture,  painting, photograph, poetry, short story, commentary, or cartoon, we take it all. If you created it, we want to see it.”

Furthermore, any member of the Lufkin High School family will be eligible to submit content, from students to staff administrators. All that is required is a simple submission form, available outside of Harrington’s room(w211), for one to submit content to the magazine. Students also will require permission from a parent or guardian.

“Students will have to have a submission form signed by a parent with parent information on it,” Harrington stated. “They are to be turned in to room w211 with the work in question”

With such open qualifications for content, the magazine staff will undoubtedly receive numerous works, but as space is limited, not all pieces will be featured. Harrington plans to include content that stands out as creative, unique, interesting, well-done. Art pieces will be especially scrutinized, being “filtered” through the art department, ensuring “the best of the best” will be featured in the magazine.

“[A] piece will have a score ranging from 0-5, with 5 being the best,” Harrington stated. “ We will typically publish anything that ranks between a 4 and  5.”

Students, as well as school staff, will be able to participate on the magazine staff. A simple application form is all one needs to fill out, but the staff position is not as easy to fulfill. Harrington seeks students with the “time,” the “dedication, and the “desire” to make beneficial contributions towards the magazine publication. Overall, the magazine will be “by students, for students, of student work.”

Staff meetings will occur every Wednesday from 4-5 o’clock and Thursdays during enrichment. Students will be able to use this time “to do a little bit of creative writing, to do a little bit of working on the magazine, and to plan, think, and write.”

Harrington said she has high hopes for the magazine and plans to submit the finished work for a state-wide review.

“We take this magazine that we publish and send it to competitions through the National Council of Teachers of English, the NCTE organization,” Harrington said. “It’s ranked against all other high school magazines within the state.”

Though an online version of the magazine will not be availble this year, Harrington has plans to make it a reality in the future, as she “learn[s] that process and translate[s] it to the staff.”

Herrington said the magazine, which is expected to be first published the second week in May, is expected to sell $5 to $10.

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Campus magazine to showcase student, staff talent