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Theater Kicks off with a Historic Play

Kelsey Walker and Cody Carter

Teresa Medina, Staff Writer

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The Lufkin High School Theater Department’s kicks off this fall with a historic Irish play. The play, The Flight of the Earls, takes place in the early 1970 when the Provisional Irish Republican Army, IRA, tried to push British out of Northern Ireland.

The play director, Mark Keith, is looking forward to this play, but his main goal is to improve social contact among his actors.

“I plan for my theater to grow more as a family,” Keith said.

The play shows a family whose life was affected by the IRA. The family is lead to believe the son is not involved with the group.

“There is a lot of lying and deception surrounding the family,” Keith said.

The wife, Brigitte, is played by sophomore Krista Franco. Brigitte plays a huge part in this play, and there are many secrets her family keeps from her.

“My role gives me a big responsibility,” Franco said. “It is stressful because everyone counts on me.”

The husband, Micheal, is played by senior Kelsey Walker. Michael is heavily involved with the IRA, and he is a lead role.

“Studying for the part has a lot of historical context,” Walker said. “I am looking forward to see how everything works out.”

The ending has a twist, and a shocking outcome.

“You will have to watch the play to find out,” Keith said.

The play opens Oct. 9-11 with shows at 7 p.m. with a 2 p.m. matinee Saturday, Oct. 11.

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Theater Kicks off with a Historic Play